27 setembro, 16:00h – Seminário: Solar radiation measurement and modeling for resource assessments: Achievements and challenges

Christian A. Gueymard, PhD
Solar Consulting Services, Colebrook, NH, USA
Quarta-feira, dia 27 de Setembro de 2023 às 16:00 horas no Anf. 1 do CLAV
This presentation will provide a comprehensive review of the current knowledge and latest developments in solar radiation measurement and modeling aimed at high-quality resource assessments.  Regarding modeling, the impacts caused by various species of atmospheric aerosols will be emphasized, along with the effects on modeled solar radiation caused by their estimation uncertainty. The solar resource variability will also be discussed, as well as the determination of surface albedo for bifacial PV applications. Most of the information conveyed here benefits from the author’s participation in Task 16 of the IEA PVPS international research program.