Special Issue: Advances in Understanding Extreme Weather Events in the Anthropocene

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It is well recognised that climate changes are altering the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events worldwide. These events play an important role in Earth systems having a devastating impact on society and the environment. Overall, understanding the dynamics behind these episodes is crucial for developing strategies to improve disaster preparedness and response, as well as mitigating their impacts on communities and ecosystems. Atmosphere is dedicating this Special Issue to publishing the latest studies in the context of extreme weather events as they relate to climate and weather variability.

The main topics to be presented in this Special Issue include, but are not limited to:
 Flood, droughts, cold spells, heatwaves and climate studies;
 Severe weather: hailstorms, tornadoes, heavy rainfall and lightning;
 Polar lows, medicanes, tropical cyclones and torrential rains;
 Extreme wildfires, smoke aerosol emission, transport and impacts on atmosphere and air quality.
 Use of remote sensing and Earth observations (EOs) for studying extreme events;
 Modelling and forecasting extreme events;
 Impact of extreme weather on society and early warning systems.

We encourage contributions which present innovative research, reviews and case studies examining all aspects of extreme weather events, from observation to numerical modelling results that are useful for understanding these events.

Keywords: extreme weather; wildfires; storms; floods; droughts; hurricanes

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Dr. Flavio T. Couto
Dr. Stergios Kartsios
Dr. Ioannis Pytharoulis
Guest Editors

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