Environmental Education in Naturtejo UNESCO Global Geopark (Portugal): A Nature-Based Approach

Maria Manuela Catana and José Brilha


UNESCO Global Geoparks (UGGps) are excellent teaching opportunities as outdoor classrooms and incubators of sustainable development, sustainable lifestyles, appreciation of natural and cultural diversity, and promotion of peace. Naturtejo UGGp offers educational programmes addressed to the school public (formal education) since 2007, focused on geosciences education for sustainability. These programmes intend to contribute to the conservation and promotion of the local natural and cultural heritage, as well as to the sustainable development of this Portuguese territory. The educational activities are promoted with different partners and are addressed to students and teachers from the kindergarten to the university. Most of the activities are outdoor activities with the purpose to re-connect young people with nature. This link has been weakening particularly in larger towns but it is essential to re-establish an emotional bound between future responsible citizens and the natural environment.

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