Geophysics applied to archaeological heritage: needs, realities and perspectives

Seminar II – Geophysics (Doctoral degree on Earth and Space Sciences)

Day – December 10

Hour – 11:00 AM

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Title – Geophysics applied to archaeological heritage: needs, realities and perspectives.

Abstract- Applying geophysical techniques to archaeology means improved data acquisition, faster studies and lower costs. This has allowed a whole series of investigations that do not require excavation, obtaining field data that in many cases are comparable. From the perspective of history and archaeology, we will analyse the specific needs in archaeological heritage conservation and investigation, its different forms of study and scenarios (urban, rural, academic and professional archaeology), as well as the most widely used techniques. Current legislation and the views of public administrations are also very relevant to know. All this to be able to debate the current perspectives for its development.

Lecturer – Pedro Trapero Fernández

Current position – Postdoctoral contract, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, Department of History, Geography and Philosophy, Ancient History area, University of Cádiz