Seminar III – Geological Processes (Doctoral degree on Earth and Space Sciences)

Day – October, 22

Hour – 2:30 PM

Link –

Title – Self-combustion of coal mining residues: characterization and monitorization

Abstract – Coal related fires occur worldwide and represent significant risks to environment and human health. The self-combustion of coal waste piles resulted from past mining activities in Douro Coalfield (NW of Portugal) have been the subject of investigation aiming to contribute to the comprehensive and detailed characterisation of the thermally affected waste materials and combustion by-products, as well as to the identification and quantification of environmental impacts. The data about materials characterization and environmental impacts provide useful information for management, mitigation and monitorization strategies, and reveal the role of the Geology in the study of coal related fires.

Lecturer – Joana Paula Machado Ribeiro

Current position – Assistant Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Coimbra, member of the Earth Sciences Institute.

Scientific Interests – Organic Petrology (conventional applications: coal and dispersed organic matter; non-conventional applications: ore deposits and environment); organic and inorganic geochemistry; environmental geochemistry.