PilotSTRATEGY News & Updates October 2023

Newsletter 4: October 2023

Welcome to our fourth PilotSTRATEGY newsletter. In this edition you can read profiles of Upper Silesia, Poland, and our Polish colleague Tomasz Urych, about our participation in the National Day of Scientists in Portugal and two pieces on our annual General Assembly in May. On the dissemination front, we had two posters accepted for the Trondheim Conference on CO2 Capture and Storage 12 while the team in Greece and our social scientists both published papers. Read on for further details.

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PilotSTRATEGY’s social scientists publish paper


Our social scientist colleagues in France, Portugal and Spain have published the following paper: “Shaping information and knowledge on climate change technologies: A cross-country qualitative analysis of carbon capture and storage results on Google search”

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PilotSTRATEGY partners gather for the project’s General Assembly 2023


The meeting, held in May in Orleans, recapped on the main achievements of the last year. Firstly, Spain and Portugal decided whether to pursue onshore or offshore pilots. In WP2, complex geocharacterisation was performed. In WP3, we launched numerical models: models purposes and software. In WP4, we started building the CCS concept for the storage pilot. In WP5, we worked on risk identification and a risk register. In WP6, we built community profiles and held the first Regional Stakeholder Committee meetings

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Engaging with the young: explaining what CCS is for Portuguese National Day of Scientists


The National Day of Scientists was celebrated on May 16 across Portugal. As part of the celebrations in Évora in 2023, the Centro de Ciencia Viva de Estremoz, in collaboration with the School of Sciences and Technology of the University of Évora, organised several activities to promote science in the community. ‘One scientist in each school’ aimed to engage young students from the 4th grade and to explain to them what scientists do.

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PilotSTRATEGY Portuguese Team represented at TCCS12


The Portuguese team, represented by Maria Helena Caeiro from the University of Evora, was selected to present two posters about the work that has been done in Portugal on the PilotStrategy project. The conference had record attendance with more than 500 registered participants from all over the world. It was a great opportunity to disseminate recent findings from PilotStrategy results in the Lusitanian Basin.

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Team in Greece publishes paper


The team in Greece has had a paper, Progress for carbon dioxide geological storage in West Macedonia: A field and laboratory-based survey, published in Open Research Europe in the Carbon Reduction, (Re)use, and Removal Technologies and Practices collection.

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We profile Upper Silesia, the heart of Poland’s coal industry


The region of Upper Silesia is the most industrialised region in Poland, with total annual CO₂ emissions exceeding 33 Mt. The Voivodeship’s industry is diversified with almost all mining and processing industries represented. In particular, there is a strong mining industry comprising 16 coal mines and a strong energy sector with about 7GW of capacity. The region is highly urbanised with a population of 4.5 million.

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Love of travel and technology spurs successful career in geology


A love of field trips and travelling from an early age, coupled with strong technical skills, led Tomasz Urych to a career in geology. Now a reservoir geologist at PilotSTRATEGY partner Poland’s Główny Instytut Górnictwa (GIG), the Central Mining Institute, he has an MSc in Geology with specialisation in computer geoscience from AGH, University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

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Blog: Insights from the PilotSTRATEGY General Assembly 2023: The Challenges and Opportunities of CCS Implementation in Europe


In this blog, Erika Palfi of Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage reflects on the main themes of our recent annual General Assembly

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