13 de abril, 14:30h: Atmospheric Aerosols and Climate

Ana Maria Silva, Professora Associada com Agregação, Universidade de Évora (Aposentada)

Terça-feira, 13 de Abril, 14:30

Link zoom: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYsdu6urTMiGteGDvT3XFmVRXO9oIgNGNlP 


Atmospheric aerosols are one of the components of the atmosphere, besides clouds and gases. They can scatter and absorb radiation (shortwave and longwave) and they are responsible for cloud formation. Near the surface they can affect the air quality. The emission of aerosols due to human activities and/or due to natural events has impact (direct or indirect) on the local and regional climate. These effects justify the need of monitoring  atmospheric aerosols by using different methods.