• Nano-MINENV – Minerals of environmental relevance in acid mine drainage contaminated systems: properties and reactivity at the nanoscale, ref. 02959 – FCT and FEDER-COMPETE (PI).
  • Study of mercury cycle in Colombian artisanal (small scale) gold mining (Referência: GGC, Ministerio de Minas de Colombia No 191 -2014. Team Member
  • INVEMIN – Inventory of mining exploitation in the Spanish-Portuguese Iberian Pyrite Belt. UE (FEDER-POCTEP). Team Member
  • Inputs of metals and sulfate generated by acid mine drainage into the water dams of the Iberian Pyrite Belt. Referência: RNM-6570, Junta de Andaluzia, España. Team Member
  • Use of sediments from reservoirs as nutrients for the fertilization of agricultural soils in the Dominican Republic (Ministerio de Educación Superior, Ciencia y Tecnología da República Dominicana). PI
  • TagusGas – Tsunami hazard assessment of the Lisbon city associated to the Tagus delta landslide. (ALT20-03-0145-FEDER-031885) (PI)
  • MEDSALT – Uncovering the Mediterranean salt giant (CA COST Action CA15103) (PI)
  • MINEPLAT – Assessment of the mineral resources potential in the continental shelf of Alentejo and of the environmental conditions caused by the tectonic uplift in the Pliocene-Quaternary (ALT20-03-0145-FEDER-000013) (PI)
  • PES – Pockmarks and fluid escape structures in the Esporão of Extremadura: implications for regional geology, biology and petroleum systems (PTDC/GEO-FIQ/5162/2014) (Team Member)
  • COST CA15113 – SMIRES – Science and Management of Intermittent Rivers and Ephemeral Streams ( IP.
  • REMINE – Improve Resource Efficiency and Minimize Environmental Footprint National Institute for Metals and Radioactive Resources (Bucharest, Romenia), ERA-MIN/0007/2015. Team member
  • TERRAMATER –  “Medidas Innovadoras de recuperación preventiva en áreas ardidas”, ref.ª 0701_TERRAMATER_1_E, FEDER, INTERREG V-A Espanha-Portugal | POCTEP .

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