About Us

The G5 – Environmental Monitoring and Remediation for Sustainability develops innovative research in the wide-ranging domain of the Environment.

G5 is an integrative group with balanced and cooperative interventions pursuing the global rational of sustainable management and development. It is focused on monitoring environmental changes, like the ones promoted by climate climate and by human activities and on developing counteractive approaches for a sustainable society.


Main strategic vectors:

  • Mining affected systems in a circular economy
  • Nanoparticles and mineral-water-ecology interactions
  • Environmental hydrology and hydrogeology in several contexts (e.g. mountain regions, urban rivers), including modelling of metals and emerging contaminants.
  • Biogeochemical cycling of health-relevant trace elements
  • Lacustrine, river, and estuarine systems, including monitoring of climate changes and study of dam sediments with the target of the reservoir rehabilitation and of the reuse of nutrient-rich sediments to recover degraded soils in different types of climatic regions.
  • Soil conservation and remedial strategies for extreme environments (dry climates, toxic and extra poor substrates).
  • Methodological tools for monitoring endangered systems, such as geophysics and UAV’s for assessment of contamination plumes, coastal erosion and forest management.
  • Submarine landscape characterization and habitat mapping
  • Continental shelf geological characterization
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