Ana Catarina Gomes de Pinho

Ana Catarina Gomes de Pinho

Institute of Earth Sciences – University of Évora Pole



PhD in Earth and Space Sciences (2018), both with Geological Processes Specialization, University of Évora (Portugal)

Researcher in the Laboratory of Environmental Biogeochemistry, University of Évora, since 2011.


Current position: Researcher

Scientific Interests: Geochemical characterization of degraded /contaminated areas and remediation proposals. Construction expacial interpolation maps of contaminants in degraded /contaminated areas. Biogeochemical analysis (ICP-OES, elemental analysis, molecular absorption spectrophotometry).


Curriculum Vitae (online):     

Orcid: 0000-0002-0511-3165

FCT: Chave pública: J657234w1gjm




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