About Us

This research group has two main research aims: i) geoconservation, and ii) geoscience education.

Geoconservation is an emergent geoscience domain related with the identification and preservation of the main geological features that are relevant to understand the Earth history and to guarantee the pursue of high-quality scientific research by present and future generations. Geoconservation also assures non-exploitable uses of geodiversity with benefits for the society, promoting sustainable tourism activities, leisure and well-being, and educational resources. The research done on geoconservation has been used on protected areas, UNESCO World Heritage, and UNESCO Global Geoparks.

Independently on the scale (international, national), the geological community is well aware that society lacks a minimum knowledge about how the Earth systems works and how relevant is the activity of geoscientists to guarantee sustainable living conditions for all humans. This is why the topic geoscience education developed in this RG is highly relevant. The capacity of people to understand and protect themselves from the effect of natural disasters is highly related with the geoscientific literacy of the population.

This research group uses some of the scientific knowledge that is produced by the other ICT groups and the outputs of this group helps to improve the outreach of the whole ICT.

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