Eduardo Morales

Eduardo Antonio  Morales Luizaga


Eduardo A. Morales-1

Institute of Earth Sciences – University of Évora Pole


Ph.D. in Ecology, University of Connecticut, USA, 2000.

Research Fellow, University of Évora, Portugal, 2017-present.

Associate Professor and Curator Bolivian Catholic University, Cochabamba, Bolivia, 2007-2017.

Scientific Researcher and Assistant Curator, The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, USA, 2000-2012.

Assistant Professor Philadelphia University, USA, 2004-2006.

Scientific Interests:         

Aquatic ecology, limnology, algal taxonomy and ecology, diatom taxonomy and ecology, bioindication, algal evolution and systematics, cyanobacterial taxonomy and ecology, effects of toxic blooms on ecosystem and human health.

Curriculum Vitae (online):          





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