The infrastructures available to the group at ICT (Évora Pole) and accessible to the scientific community include an atmospheric science observatory equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation; Four other atmospheric observation sites equipped with different types of instrumentation (detailed below); A mobile station of air quality and observation of the atmosphere; A state-of-the-art computer cluster; A Precision Optics Laboratory to develop and calibrate radiometric instrumentation; An Instrumentation Laboratory; A Laboratory of Geophysical Sciences. The group also offers interested users the possibility of carrying out observation, equipment testing, data analysis and training of young researchers at Post Doc, PhD and Master levels.



  Évora Atmospheric Science Observatory

                 Cabo da Roca site

Mitra site

Alqueva site


Sines site (CIEMAR  installations)


Air quality and atmospheric observation mobile station







Optics and Calibration Laboratory for assembling and calibration.








Instrumentation Laboratory for development and maintenance of scientific equipment








Geophysics Laboratory









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