Miguel Maia

Miguel Cardoso Maia


Institute of Earth Sciences – University of Évora Pole


Email: mcmaiageo@gmail.com (preferencial) | mcmaia@uevora.pt


Current position: PhD student (Earth, Atmosphere and Space Sciences (specializing in Geological Processes), University of Évora, Portugal) and Research Fellow at the University of Évora in the project ZOM3D: 3D Metallogenic models of the Ossa-Morena Zone – Valorization of the

mineral resources of Alentejo region


Scientific Interests: Economic Geology, Metallogeny, Geochemistry (Mineral, Soil and Bulk), Fluid Inclusions study applied to mineral deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy, Metallography, Advanced techniques applied to mineral resources (e.g. LA-ICP-MS), Field Geology and Cartography


Curriculum Vitae:


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