Carlos Filho

Carlos Victor Rios da Silva Filho

 PhD in Economic Geology and Prospection , University of Brasília, Brazil, 2017
Consultant Geologist, Researcher


Scientific Interests: 

I am a geologist focused on economic geology, precious metal metallogenesis, and base metal mineralizations.

I have experience in mineral exploration and scientific research related: to geochemistry, geochronology, mineralogy, geological mapping, drilling campaigns, lithostratigraphy, alluvial prospecting, soil sampling, geotechnology, QAQC data management, construction of geological sections for economic evaluation through mineral body modeling, and aerial mapping/topography with drones applied to mineral exploration and the environment.

I also dealt with project management in the business sector, from which I gained valuable experience in project management.

My conduct as a geologist focuses on social and corporate responsibility, including ethical values and strict professional standards.


Curriculum Vitae (online):
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