The Institute of Earth Sciences (ICT) of the University of Évora operates a Microwave Radiometers of the type Humidity And Temperature PROfiler (HATPRO), developed by RPG .

The HATPRO provides vertical profiles of temperature and humidity, as well as liquid water path and integrated water vapour.
The profiles are obtained from measurements of atmospheric radiation in the range of 22.24 – 31.4 GHz and 51.0 – 58.0 GHz. The radiometer comprises 7 channels in the water vapour line and 7 channels in the oxygen line at the following frequencies:

fc [GHz] (water vapour): 22.24, 23.04, 23.84, 25.44, 26.24, 27.84, 31.40
fc [GHz] (oxygen): 51.26, 52.28, 53.86, 54.94, 56.66, 57.30, 58.0           
A coupled infrared radiometer allows for cloud base height determination and ice cloud detection.


Évora - (Colégio Luis Antonio Verney) 38°34'04.1"N 7°54'41.3"W Alt. 293m


Latest data received: 2024-02-28 13:25:03

Humidity vertical profiles - last 24 h
Atmospheric temperature vertical profiles - last 24 h
Liquid Water profiles - last 24 h
Thermodynamic diagram
Normalized Liquid Water PathNormalized Integrated Water Vapour