Guidelines for geoconservation in protected and conserved areas

  Crofts, Roger; Gordon, J. E. (John E.); Brilha, José; Gray, Murray; Gunn, John; Larwood, Jonathan; Santucci, Vincent L.; Tormey, Daniel; Worboys, Graeme L.; Groves, Craig These Guidelines are intended to help improve the conservation and management of geoheritage and geodiversity in protected and conserved areas and recognition of the interrelationships and interactions with biological features and […]

Geoconservation in Portugal with Emphasis on the Geomorphological Heritage

José Brilha, Paulo Pereira Geoconservation in Portugal has been gaining importance, particularly during the last decade. The inventory of geosites with international and national scientific relevance is now complete, and the national legislation concerning nature conservation includes the management of geoheritage. Forty-three per cent of the inventoried geosites are geomorphosites, showing the importance of this type […]

Geoheritage Recognized as Outstanding Publication by the Association of Earth Science Editors

  Geoheritage: Assessment, Protection, and Management, edited by Emmanuel Reynard and José Brilha received the 2019 Award for Outstanding Publication from the Association of Earth Science Editors. A single book each year receives this award, given for outstanding contributions to geoscience publishing that stimulate new discoveries and the advancement of the field. “Geoheritage is an […]