Improved ECMWF forecasts of direct normal irradiance: A tool for better operational strategies in concentrating solar power plants

Francisco M. Lopes, Ricardo Conceição, Hugo G. Silva, Rui Salgado, Manuel Collares-Pereira To contribute for improved operational strategies of concentrating solar power plants with accurate forecasts of direct normal irradiance, this work describes the use of several post-processing methods on numerical weather prediction. Focus is given to a multivariate regression model that uses measured irradiance […]

Development of a clear-sky model to determine circumsolar irradiance using widely available solar radiation data

Edgar F. M. Abreu, Paulo Canhoto, Maria João Costa Accurate assessment of the solar irradiance reaching the absorber of concentrating solar power (CSP) systems is crucial for accurate energy generation estimates as well as for power plants design and operation. Due to a larger aperture angle, direct normal irradiance (DNI) measurements taken by pyrheliometers include […]