Guidelines for Management of Geoheritage: an Approach in the Sertão Central, Brazilian Northeastern Semiarid

Moura, P., da Glória Motta Garcia, M. & Brilha, J. Guidelines for Management of Geoheritage: an Approach in the Sertão Central, Brazilian Northeastern Semiarid. Geoheritage 13, 42 (2021).


The characterisation of geoheritage and the understanding of the physical and socio-cultural features of a territory are essential to achieve the major geoconservation goals: protection and sustainable use of exceptional elements of geodiversity. This research was done in the Sertão Central, an economic vulnerable area in the hinterland of northeast Brazil, remarked by the Caatinga Biome and a rocky, semiarid landscape. The area comprises an assemblage of deformed igneous and metamorphic rocks, such as gneisses, TTG rocks, schists, and granites. Starting from a regional geoheritage inventory done in 2015, fourteen geosites were selected and assessed, representing a wide regional tectonic evolution from the Precambrian West Gondwanan orogenesis to the Cenozoic development of particular examples of Brazilian granitic inselbergs. In addition to the inventory of geosites, six geodiversity sites were also evaluated, along with five geocultural sites, highlighting the cultural value of geodiversity in the area. Based on the available information, an analysis with the main features and spatial configuration of the geoheritage was developed, allowing to designate the most appropriate use for each geological site. Considering geoconservation as a geoscientific fostering for the sustainable development, our study suggests a set of general guidelines for the management of geoheritage, in order to facilitate the decision-making process by local managers and stakeholders as well as to promote the discussion on geotourism strategies for the region. Organised according to well-defined geoconservation strategies, these guidelines could enhance the sustainable development of vulnerable regions, such as Sertão Central itself.

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