Lake and Land Breezes at a Mediterranean Artificial Lake: Observations in Alqueva Reservoir, Portugal

Purificação, C.; Potes, M.; Rodrigues, G.; Salgado, R.; Costa, M.J.

The Alqueva reservoir, in the Southeast of Portugal, has significantly changed the landscape of the region, with impacts also on the local climate, as documented in this manuscript, namely the thermal circulation in the form of lake and land breezes. Taking advantage of three strategic meteorological stations, two installed at the shores and another on a floating platform located near the center of the reservoir, a detailed analysis of lake and land breeze occurrences during two years is presented in this study. The thermal gradient between the reservoir and the surroundings is the main driver for the breeze development and the meteorological stations placed in opposite sides of the reservoir allow to establish the criteria in order to detect lake and land breezes. The results showed more land breeze than lake breeze occurrences, in line with the more negative thermal gradient between shores and reservoir in the annual cycle. Lake breezes are more frequent in summer months during daytime and land breezes in turn are more frequent in winter months during night-time. Read the full article.