16 April 2020, 16:00, ZOOM: Webinar – Aerosols Clouds and Climate

Webinar: Programa Doutoral em Ciências da Terra e do Espaço; UC: Seminário I (Física da Atmosfera e do Clima)

Webinar ICT

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Aerosols Clouds and Climate


Maria João Costa

Profª Auxiliar com Agregação, Dep. Física e ICT, Universidade de Évora


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Clouds and aerosols are the two atmospheric constituents that continue to contribute with great uncertainty to the estimates and interpretations of the Earth’s energy balance. The growing awareness of the strong influence of aerosols on atmospheric processes has been highlighted by the various reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) since 1990. The role of aerosols in climate change is still far from being fully understood, so a complete understanding of past and future climate changes requires an assessment of aerosol-cloud-radiation interactions and a reduction in the degree of uncertainty associated with them.