15 April 2020, 16:00, ZOOM: Webinar – Clouds

Webinar: Programa Doutoral em Ciências da Terra e do Espaço; UC: Seminário I (Física da Atmosfera e do Clima)
Webinar ICT

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Maria João Costa
Profª Auxiliar com Agregação, Dep. Física e ICT, Universidade de Évora


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Clouds are fundamental constituents of the climate system, controlling the planetary albedo. Clouds strongly modulate the Earth’s energy balance through the absorption and dispersion of solar radiation and the absorption and emission of terrestrial radiation, and regulate, together with precipitation, the hydrological cycle. The Webinar will address these significant atmospheric constituents, presenting the main mechanisms of its formation and development. The main microphysical and optical properties of the clouds relevant to their interaction with radiation are also presented, as well as their spatial and temporal distribution at various scales. The interaction of clouds with radiation processes are shown through illustrative maps of the radiation reflected and emitted by various types of clouds.