Maria Rosa Duque

Maria Rosa Alves Duque


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Ph. D. in Physics/ Geophysics, University of Évora, Portugal, 1992.


Assistant Professor, Physics Department, School of  Sciences and Technology,  University of Évora, since February 1992.



Scientific interests: Geothermal heat flow. Unconventional methods for obtaining heat flux. Heat sources in the crust. Geotherms . Estimation of lithosphere thickness. Study and explanation of heat flow anomalies. Geothermal energy.

 Analysis of the geomagnetic field anomalies in the Iberian Peninsula and adjacent regions in time periods related with earthquakes of high magnitude.

Other interests: Problems associated with the intensive use of renewable energies.

Preparation of materials in Portuguese related to Geothermal Energy, Thermodynamics , Physics of the Earth.


CV (online):

Ciência ID : FD1C-0D5D-8059

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