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Meteorological hourly data from several ICT (Évora Pole) stations (formerly CGE) are available: Mitra (since 04/1994), Reguengos (from 04/1994 to 11/2008; in collaboration with the Institute of Mediterranean Agricultural and Environmental Sciences – ICAAM), Divor (from 07/1994 to 08/2002), Portel and Évora-Verney (since 01/2004).

In the above meteorological stations, hourly meteorological data are measured (dry and wet air temperatures or dry air temperature and air relative humidity, wind speed and direction at 3m above the ground surface, precipitation, global solar irradiance, total net irradiance at ground level; in some of the meteorological stations above mentioned (Mitra, Évora-Verney and Portel stations), hourly measurements of other meteorological (ground temperature at different depths, canopy temperature among others) and radiometric (UV, PAR, Atmospheric and reflected solar radiation) quantities are also carried out.


Access meteo data here.


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